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Jewish Authors

Grace Aguilar

  • Fiction
    1. The Days of Bruce: A Story from Scottish History (1852) Ed. Sarah Aguilar Full Text
    2. Home Influence: A Tale for Mothers and Daughters (1848) Full Text
    3. Home Scenes and Heart Studies (1853) This collection of short stories, published posthumously, wound up the series edited by her mother, Sarah Aguilar, which contained Aguilar's complete works. The pieces here were previously publised in a range of locations. The longest story is "The Perez Family," originally composed for Charlotte Montefiore's Cheap Jewish Library series. Full Text
    4. The Mother's Recompense: A Sequel to Home Influence (1858) Full Text
    5. Records of Israel (1843) Full Text
    6. The Vale of Cedars; or, The Martyr (1906 edition, contains a short biography of Aguilar as a preface) Full Text
    7. Woman's Friendship: A Story of Domestic Life (1852) Ed. Sarah Aguilar Full Text
  • Poetry
    1. "A Vision of Jerusalem, While Listening to a Beautiful Organ in One of the Gentile Shrines" in The Occident and American Jewish Advocate Full Text
  • Non-Fiction
    1. Essays and Miscellanies. Choice Cullings (1853) Ed. Sarah Aguilar Full Text
    2. The Jewish Faith: Its Spiritual Consolation, Moral Guidance, and Immortal Hope (1864 edition) Full Text
    3. Sabbath Thoughts and Sacred Communings (1853) Ed. Sarah Aguilar Full Text
    4. The Spirit of Judaism (1842) Full Text
    5. The Women of Israel, vol. 1 (1851) Ed. Sarah Aguilar Full Text
    6. The Women of Israel, vol. 2 (1851) Ed. Sarah Aguilar Full Text
  • Benjamin Disraeli

    Amy Levy

    Charlotte Montefiore

    Biographies of Jewish Authors

  • Grace Aguilar, via MyJewishLearning
  • Portrayals of Jews and Judaism by Non-Jewish Authors

  • Robert Browning
    1. “Rabbi Ben Ezra” (1864) Full Text
  • Hall Caine
    1. The Scapegoat (1891) Full Text
  • Charles Dickens
    1. Oliver Twist (1837) Full Text
    2. Our Mutual Friend (1864) Full Text Our Mutual Friend: The Scholarly Pages contains a wealth of information about the illustrations, advertizements, and context of London when the novel was first publised.
  • George Eliot
    1. Daniel Deronda Full Text
  • William Makepeace Thackeray
    1. The Fitz-Boodle Papers Full Text


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