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19th Century Jewish Life is eager to form partnerships with institutions and individuals whose collections or interests are of any scale—from substantial libraries to small batches of family photos or other epherma—that might be of wider interest to an understanding of Anglo-Jewish History.

Collections Respresented in our Digital Archive

19th Century Jewish Life is beginning its second phase of facilitating digital access to historical documents and information. We are building an accessible, online archive of relevant materials currently located only in institutional or private collections. If you have materials you would like to make digitally available (all originals remain with their owners) to this growing archive, or would like to know more about the parameters of this project, please contact us for more information.

Partner Projects

If your organization or project has interests overlapping ours, we would be happy to direct our readers your way. Please contact us for details on how to get a logo and/or link posted here.

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        We are deeply grateful to the LINGUIST List for web design, hosting, and technology assistance.

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